The Legend of the Rainbow Wall


A long time ago, a young boy named Erinn Fail lived in the tiny little town of Baile Bronach. Erinn was from people of simple means; however, he was brighter than most. Yes, Erinn was always thinking and looking for ways to better his life.

Erinn’s favorite places in town was the old Barley. Erinn could listen to the old men in the tavern as they bragged about their adventures over a pint of ale. Erinn's favorite stories were those about rainbows. Folklore of that region had it that the rainbow was a bridge to the place where the fairies and elfs lived. It was Erinn’s dream to go to this magical world and find treasures so that he could one day become rich. For legend has it that fairies and elves have hoards of treasures stored in the fairy world. But first Erinn had to get to their land and then find a way to bring the treasure back home. Erinn thought about this quest constantly and decided that the rainbow would be the key to his success.

One day, a wander form a distance provience came into the tavern and he told stories of leprechauns and how these strange creatures were the keepers of the portal between this world and the fairy world. Erinn had heard that leprechauns had a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but he had never heard that a leprechaun might know the location of the passage to the magical world of the fairies. This new knowledge excited Erinn and he was more determined than ever to find the passage into the fairy world.

Afte hearing about an old wizard that lived in the Tuarcetha Mountains and who was suppose to be an expert on leprechauns,Erinn set out to find the wizard and learn all he could about leprechauns. So this began Erinn's own quest and on this quest Erinn had a number of adventures before finding and then befriending the wizard of the Tuarcetha Mountains. After many years of living with this wizard, Erinn was able to convince the wizard to shared his knowledge of the Leprechaun’s secret ways with Erinn.

Later, Erinn would leave the old wizard to follow his dream of finding the portal to the world of the faires. Clever Erinn makes good use of his new knowledge and ultimately locates a leprechaun and tricks him into giving Erinn the location of the Rainbow Wall. The Rainbow Wall is where the rainbow touches the earth and location of the entrance to the rainbow. Once Erinn found the Rainbow Wall, he was about to climb through it's opening and use the rainbow to enter the world of the fairies. Erinn continued to use his magical portal to make trips to and from the fairy world. Each time he would bring back magical treasures and sell these to the people of this world. To Erinn's gain and to the delight of all the people to whom he sold the treasures, the Rainbow Wall served Erinn for many years and he lived happily ever after.

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